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PJ.28 Demo Day, September 2019 in Hamburg

The Integrated Airport Operations (IAO PJ.28) project invites to an open day on 19th September at Hamburg Airport to showcase the uptake of SESAR technologies to improve the efficiency and safety of airport surface operations.

Hosted at the Hamburg Airport Conference Center, the open day is organised within the framework of the IAO PJ.28 very large scale demonstration project. During the day, visitors will be given an overview of the demos that have been performed illustrating the maturity of SESAR Solutions that are part of the Pilot Common Project:

  • Solution #53 – Departure management synchronised with pre-departure sequencing,
  • Solution #02 – Airport safety nets, and
  • Solution #22 – Automated assistance to controller for surface movement planning and routing

Visitors will have a chance to see the systems that have been developed and successfully demonstrated at PCP airports (Nice), as well as non-PCP airports (Hamburg and Budapest). In the case of Hamburg, the system will be demonstrated using live airport data, providing visitors with a first-hand view of how the system works in real operation conditions.