Demonstration Site

HungaroControl, the Hungarian Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) is hosting the second demonstration in this project. Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport has two dependent parallel runways with a complex taxiway layout constitute a challenge for demonstrating the maturity of the different SESAR Solutions addressed and for de-risking their deployment.

HungaroControl Remote Tower facility (Copyright: HungaroControl)
BUD Airport Aerial View
Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (Copyright: Budapest Airport)

Partners Involved

Indra provides the necessary system upgrades to the current Tower ATC systems in use. Indra is also the coordinator of the demonstration, in which HungaroControl provides the facilities as well as the air traffic controllers, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is supporting the safety and human performance assessments. HungaroControl and Indra plan to perform tests previous to the demonstration in order to ensure the operational feasibility and the adaptation to the procedures.

Content of the Demo

In the demonstration at HungaroControl’s facility, Budapest Airport’s ATC system will provide surface routes to the controller together with the ability to modify them and provide the necessary clearances based on the route information. This functionality is also an enabler for alerts detecting conflicting ATC clearances given and entered into the system by the Ground or Aerodrome/Runway controller (CATC alerts), as well as for alerts indicating non-conformance to instructions or clearances (CMAC alerts). These alerts are provided to the controller to ensure safe operations. Furthermore, in the Budapest demonstration the ATC system synchronizes a pre-departure sequence of TSAT based on accurate planned taxi times and runway sequence, which improves the predictability of all airport operations and so optimizes the capacity of the Airport.
The Budapest demonstration is hence putting together the following solutions developed during the SESAR programme:

Demonstration Setup

Indra uses its deep experience from SESAR in developing and validating above listed solutions. They will bring in the latest findings and recommendations in order to upgrade the current Indra ATC systems used in Budapest with the new functionalities. In HungaroControl’s Remote Tower facility (contingency room) next to the airport, where the screens play a tower out-of-the-window view, controllers can perform shadow mode trials using real time data, including surveillance data.

HungaroControl Remote Tower facility (Copyright: HungaroControl)
Tower at BUD Airport
Tower Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (Copyright: HungaroControl)
HungaroControl and Indra plan to perform dry run tests with controllers previous to the demonstration in order to guarantee the operational feasibility, to allow the possibility of fine tuning the system, to avoid false/nuisance alerts and to ensure the right functioning of the interfaces with external systems providing necessary information (like the APP system). The demonstration is planned to last one week with two 2-hours trials each day and with an Open Day for external public.
Controller Working Position HMI sample