The IAO project at a glance


IAO demonstrated in Nice in 2019


IAO demonstrated in Hamburg in 2019


IAO demonstrated in Budapest in 2019


IAO Demo Day Teaser


IAO in a nutshell (leaflet)

IAO presentation at WAC 2018 (SESAR Walking Tour)


IAO PJ.28 Demo Day, 2019-09-19, Hamburg Airport

  1. S2020 PJ28 – Integrated Airport Operations (VLD) Overview (Mr. Steffen Loth, DLR)
  2. Demonstration at Nice Airport – DSNA, April 2019 (Mrs. Christelle Pianetti, DSNA)
  3. Overview of demonstrations at Budapest Airport (Mrs. Györgyi Balogh and Mr. Øivind Klausen, Indra)
  4. Human Performance Assessment (Dr. Anne Papenfuß, DLR)
  5. Solutions implementation and integration in Hamburg (Mr. Markus Brachner, SINTEF)
  6. Summary and conclusion (Mr. Steffen Loth, DLR)


European Union

SESAR Joint Undertaking

IAO at SESAR Joint Undertaking

Airport Research and Innovation Facility Hamburg (ARIF)